Koei Warriors Orochi 3 PS3

Warriors Orochi 3 Ps3 Jocuri Actiune Role Play Game Rpg PlayStation 3 Combina Eroii Din Seriile Dynasty Warriors Si Samurai Warriors Intr-o Noua Poveste Care Pentru Prima Data Cuprinde Caractere Din Ninja Gaiden Warriors: Legends of Troy Bladestorm Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll and Dead or Alive. Warriors Orochi 3 Va Oferi Peste 120 De Personaje Jucabile Warriors Orochi 3 Ps3 Jocuri Actiune Role Play Game Rpg PlayStation 3
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  • Koei Warriors Orochi 3 Xbox 360

    Koei Warriors Orochi 3 Xbox 360

    Warriors Orochi 3 Xbox360 este un joc de tip actiune rpg lansat de Tekmo Koei in data de 3/30/2012, disponibil pentru  PlayStation 3 si Xbox360. Warriors Orochi 3 Xbox360 combina eroii din seriile Dynasty Warriors si Samurai Warriors intr-o noua poveste care pentru prima data cuprinde caractere din  Ninja Gaiden, Warriors: Legends of Troy, Bladestorm, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll and Dead or Alive. Warriors Orochi 3 va oferi peste 120 de personaje jucabile. Caracteristici Warriors Orochi 3 Xbox360: *The biggest Warriors title to date: Warriors Orochi 3 will feature 120 playable characters! *All new ‘Bond system’: Warriors Orochi 3 introduces the ‘Bond system’, where the bonds between characters can be increased by interaction in banquets, fighting side by side, rescuing struggling allies and accepting missions. Bonds influence the storyline and unlock extra attacks and new stages. *Customize and share online: Players can customize existing scenarios and then share them online for all to enjoy. Rate other players existing scenarios too. Create unique battlefields by acquiring battlefields elements in Story Mode. *New gameplay mechanics: Three player tag team mechanic allows players to use 3 characters at once and combine for deadly special moves. *Warriors Orochi 3 also offers two-player split-screen co-op, two-player online Story mode and Free mode. Recruit a playing partner, or respond to the call of another player. *All new actions including: Dash Chain, Counterattack, Support Attack, Switch Combo and True Triple Attack. mai multe detalii aici
    139 ,00 LEI
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