Magnat Betasub 30A,

nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Magnat Beta Sub 30A, Subwoofer interior Magnat Subwoofer activ (amplificator integrat) diametru difuzor 30cm putere RMS 130W putere Max 260W raspuns in frecventa 20Hz - 200Hz filtru LPF variabil 50 - 200Hz tip incinta bass-reflex switch inversare faza intrari high level/low level dimensiuni 335 x 510 x 400mm culori disponibile: beech, black, silver, cherry, rosewood Magnat Beta Sub 30A, Subwoofer interior Magnat nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;
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  • Magnat Subwoofer Betasub 30 A

    Magnat Subwoofer Betasub 30 A

    Active bass-reflex subwoofer with 300 mm woofer driverThe largest and most powerful Betasub model is powered by a 260 watt high-performance power amplifier and covers a low-bass bandwidth that ranges from 200 to 20 Hzwhich is infinitely adjustable between 200 and 50 Hz. The downfire case design enables the subwoofer to deliver a bass that in relation to its external dimensions is very deep and powerful. The reason: the cone surface area has been fitted at a very small and precisely defined distance from the floor in the solid and low-resonance case. The driver is supported by the Airflex bass-reflex port that has been secured to the front of this bass powerhouse with five screws. The Betasub 30A is the ideal bass partner for a floor-standing loudspeaker from Magnats Vector 200 series. mai multe detalii aici
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