MARANTZ SA SA-15S2 - Auriu

The SA-15S2 carries the Reference Series tradition another step forward. Drawing on past experience as well as on the latest advances in circuit design and mechanical engineering, this single disc SA-CD/CD player brings a fine focus to both nuance and crescendo. From classical to classic rock – as well as everything in between – you’ll hear it all. Your path to excellence begins with a new power supply designed around a large, double shielded toroid transformer to make sure that the SA-15S2’s internal environment was free on magnetic interference and noise as possible. We included a new disc mechanism with a Xyron disc tray. Although you might not consider the disc tray important, it is the first – and very critical – mechanical link between your favorite discs and the rest of the player. Xyron is a composition of rigid-rod chain molecules of poly(p-phenyene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) or PBO. (Now you know why we call it Xyron!) Its high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity helps isolate the disc from the micro-vibrations inherent in any drive mechanism. Thus, Xyron lets the digital circuitry process a more accurate data stream, which, in turn, translate directly into more coherent and pleasing sound. Because the SA-15S2 handles MP3- and WMA-encoded CD-Rs and CD-RWs in addition to SA-CDs, and CDs, you’re assured that every audio disc in your library benefits from the new mechanism. Advanced Cirrus Logic digital processors go far beyond conventional digital filters and D/A converters. Optimized for both PCM and DSD data streams (from CDs and SA-CDs respectively), this 24-bit/192 kHz-capable IC combines both multi-bit and Delta-Sigma architectures and supports all audio interface standards. For the SA-15S2, Marantz engineers took advantage of novel control capabilities to let you select digital filter characteristics that complement both your music selections and your tastes. Of course, the SA-15S2 gives you a choice of analog or digital outputs. You can either enjoy one of the finest analog sections available today or use the outboard processor of your choice. If you opt for the digital outputs, you can select either the gold-plated coaxial or high-isolation optical connectors. When you choose analog outputs, you can disable the digital outputs completely so there’s no chance of stray emissions impacting on delicate analog circuitry. Configured with liberal use of the SA2 version of Marantz’s proprietary HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module), the SA-15S2’s analog circuitry is more than just a textbook example of fine design. Instead, Marantz engineers went well beyond the textbook to tap decades of proprietary experience in crafting circuits that deliver superb audio. These touches include discrete components chosen as much for sound quality as for their superior specifications, solid copper “Zero Impedance” ground plates for low noise operation and superior channel separation, machined brass analog output terminals, and a high-current, discrete component headphone amplifier. If you have another digital source and would like to take sonic advantage of the SA-15S2’s sound quality, there’s an optical digital input that will connect that source to this player’s circuitry. Refinement doesn’t end there either. In contrast to more common LED or fluorescent displays, the front panel low noise LCD adds no radiation of its own to the SA-15S2’s audio signal chain. The SA-15S2’s front panel exhibits the same refined yet distinctive touch that has defined all of our Reference Series components since their first appearance. Finished in a sophisticated champagne gold, it defines a contemporary expression of the award-winning Marantz industrial design aesthetic. Built for long-term accuracy and enjoyment, the Marantz SA-15S2 Reference Series disc player leads you towards that elusive goal of extraordinary musical enjoyments. In both appearance and performance, it belongs in the finest music systems. Including yours.
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