Marmitek Analogue TV Anywhere

Analogue TV AnywhereWireless sender for all your Analogue TV Channels • Watch analogue TV far away from the antenna connection• Place your TV wherever you want, without having to worry about the location of the aerial point. No coax cables running through your house!• Suitable for wirelessly transmitting all of your channels to another room.• Can be connected directly to any TV antenna box. • Extra connections for transmitting the video signal from an HDD recorder or DVD player, for example.• Does not encounter any interruption from microwaves, wireless (WiFi) networks, Bluetooth and so on as a result of using the 5.8 GHz frequency band. So how does it work?It’s very easy. Connect the Analogue TV Anywhere transmitter directly to your antenna connection. The built-in TV tuner saves all available TV channels in itsmemory. The transmitter has wireless contact with the receiver that you have connected to your TV. The signal passes through floors and walls. Set includes Technical specifications   {sexybookmark}
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