Marmitek AudioVideo Sender GigaVideo580

GigaVideo 5805.8 GHz Wireless Audio/Video Sender • Wireless sound and vision!• Wireless transmission of pictures and stereo sound through walls and ceilings.• No distortion from devices such as microwave ovens, wireless (WiFi) networks, Bluetooth, etc. by using the 5.8 GHz frequency band.• Watch programs and movies on your (second) TV.• Can be used with any make of DVD player, satellite receiver, decoder, etc.• Audio-video transmitter composed with extra solid components. How does the GigaVideo 580™ work?• It's really simple! The set consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Connect the transmitter to your A/V equipment (e.g. Satellite or DVD). Then connect the receiver to your second TV. Via the infrared extender, you can also continue to operate A/V equipment that is set up in a different room (or in a closed cupboard) with your own remote control. Technical specifications   Set includes  {sexybookmark}
Azi 499,4 LEI
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