Marmitek AudioVideo Sender GigaView 821

GigaView 821Wireless Full HD + 3D Audio/Video Sender • Connect, split and replace your HDMI cable wirelessly• Replace your HDMI cable wirelessly and locate your HDTV or projector wherever you want.• Mount the receiver (out of sight) behind your HDTV or on the ceiling next to your projector. No more visible cables.• Watch up to 2 (HD) devices such as Blu-ray® players, digital video recorders (DVRs), HD set-top boxes, PS3™ or Xbox® game consoles or standard• DVD players/ recorders elsewhere in your home and easily switch between the sources connected without changing plugs.• Suitable for Full HD 1080p and all3D formats.• The built-in HDMI splitter means that you can also connect an HDTV to the Transmitter so that you can continue to watch the connected devices locally.• Operate your A/V sources from anywhere, even through a wall or cupboard door, using the IR receiver.• The HD signal does not experience any delays and is therefore perfect for game consoles.• 100% HDCP compliant.• Sends the HD signal uncompressed.• Single-floor solution. Technical specifications Set includes {sexybookmark}
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