Match URC 2A

The universal remote control for HELIX and MATCH DSP productsMatch URC 2AFunctionality the way you want itThis cable remote control allows to control different functions of each DSP product.The URC 2A consists out of two knobs and a switch, which can be all be freely defined in the DPS PC-Tool software.The specific configuration options for each product you fin in the "Device configuration" menu of the DSP PC-Tool software.Control units- 2 x knobs- 1 x switchcable length: 5 meter / 195"Connector MiniDIN (8-pole)Compatible devices:- HELIX DSP- MATCH PP 82DSP- MATCH PP 52DSPCompatible devices (with adaptor): HELIX C-DSP HELIX P-DSPFunctionality HELIX DSPControl I: - Main volume - Volume optical inputControl II: - Subwoofer volumeMode Switch: - Opto Mode - Swtup SwitchFunctionality MATCH PP 82DSPControl I: - AUX Volume - Main volumeControl II: - Subwoofer volume - AUX volumeMode Switch: - Bypass EQ - AUX mode - Setup switch - Opto modeFunctionality MATCH PP 52DSPControl I: - AUX volume - Main volume - Fun controlControl II: - Subwoofer volume - AUX volume - Fun controlMode Switch: - Bypass EQ - AUX mode - Setup switchFunctionality C-DSP / P-DSPControl I: - Main volumeControl II: - Subwoofer volume Mode Switch: - Opto mode Explanation:Opto Mode = Switch between analog and optical input signalSetup Switch = Switch between DSP memory 1 und DSP memory 2AUX Volume = Volume control of the AUX inputBypass EQ = Deactivate all sound optimizing features of the DSP (High- and lowpass, Equalizer, time alignment, phase, etc.)AUX Mode = Switch between analog and AUX inputFun Control = High-, Mid und Low-Shelf filtering
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