Megasat Campingman Twin Auto Skew

Satellite antenna with automatic positioners• By pressing a button, within 90 seconds the antenna will automatically find the selected satellite and will enable satellite signal in your caravan trailer or campervan. Through its elegant plastic cover the antenna is very good protected against external damage. An annoying set up and disassembling is no longer necessary. The positioner is included and it operates independently and can be used with any receiver. Coverage area  • The reception of all German television and radio programs is possible in the major holiday destinations in Europe. Specifications Dimensions• Width: 70cm• Height: 40cm• Weight: 10kg**The actual weight and size, depending varies by configuration and manufacturing process. • Antenna Type: off-set dish• Number of users: 2• LNB Type: Universal Twin LNB• Frequency band: Ku Band• Frequency range: 10.7-12.75GHz• Dish diameter: 45cm• LNB Gain: 33dBi• Receiver sensitivity: 49dBW• Polarization: V/H or RHCP/LHCP• Motor control: 2-axis DC• Elevation: 15 ° - 62 °• Search angle: 360 °• Search time: 1-2min• Temperature range: -25°C - 70°C• Voltage: 12V DC @5Amps• Pre-programmed for 8 satellites:- Astra1 (19.2 ° East)- Astra 2 (23.5 ° East)- Astra3 (28.2 ° East)- Astra4 (4 ° East)- Hotbird (13 ° East)- Thor (0.8 ° West)- Hispasat (30 ° West)- Türksat (42 ° East) Delivery• Campingman• control unit• 1x 10m cable• 1x 1m cable• mounting glue (optional)• 230V power supply (12V, 5A) (optional) {sexybookmark}
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