Megasat Satmaster Portable Classic

Mobile Satellite Antenna with automatic positioner��� The fully automatic and mobile system allows a fast and convenient satellite signal receiving. The suction cups provide a stable and secure grip on smooth surfaces. The Satmaster Portable is available in three different versions. The Classic version has an internal controller with a pre-programmed satellite (Astra 1). The Premium version comes with 14 different satellites. Toghether with the Satmaster Portable Professional comes an external control device (with 14 pre-programmed satellites) with which you can control the satellite also from inside the vehicle. Coverage area��� The reception is possible from all German television and radio programs in the major holiday destinations in Europe. Specifications Dimensions��� Length: 46cm��� Width: 46cm��� Height: 41cm��� Weight: 7kg ** Actual weight may vary depending on the size and varies by configuration and manufacturing process. ��� Antenna Type: parabol dish��� Number of Users: 1��� LNB Type: Universal Single LNB��� Frequency Band: Ku Band��� Frequency Response: 10.7-12.75GHz��� dish diameter: 46cm��� LNB Gain: 33dBi��� Receiver sensitivity: 50dBW��� Polarization: V/H or RHCP/LHCP��� Motor control: 2-axis DC��� Elevation: 10�� - 60����� Search angle: 180����� Search time: 1-2min .��� Temperature range: -30��C - 80��C��� Power Supply: 12V / 24V / (230V optional)��� Pre-programmed satellites:Classic- Astra 19.2�� East Delivery��� Satmaster Portable��� cable��� manual {sexybookmark}
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