Megasat Seaman 45 GPS AutoSkew

Deep-sea antenna with automatic positioners, GPS, AutoSkew and tracking system��� For the discerning ensures the 45th Seaman The fully automatic system with integrated GPS antenna in conjunction with the auto skew system enables one-second positioning and ideal position of the LNB skew for perfect reception of powerful satellites. Protected, this sophisticated and elegant art by a seawater-resistant plastic cover, making it insensitive to external weather influences. Coverage area��� The reception is available for thousands television and radio programs in the major holiday destinations in Europe. Specifications Dimensions��� Width: 55cm��� Height: 58cm��� Weight: 15kg**The actual weight and size can vary depending varies by configuration and manufacturing process. ��� Antennatyp: Parabol antenna��� Users: 3��� LNB Typ: Universal Twin LNB��� Frequency band: Ku Band��� Frequency range: 10.7-12.75GHz��� Dish diameter: 45cm��� LNB gain: 33dBi��� Reception power: 49dBW��� Polarization: V/H o. RHCP/LHCP��� Motor: 2-axis DC��� Elevation: 0�� - 90����� Azimuth: 380����� Tracking time: ca. 1-2min.��� Temperature: -25��C - 70��C��� Power: 12VDC@5Amps Delivery��� Seaman 45��� Control unit��� 2x 10m cable��� 1x 1m cable��� user manual��� Installation set {sexybookmark}
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