Megasat UHF 100 directional antenna

• UHF antenna for receiving UHF channels (Compatible with all DVB-T (SD) and DVB-T2 (HD) signals). • Suitable for outdoor use. • UV resistant and waterproof housing • Robust construction, resistant against strong wind, rain and snow. Specifications  Dimensions • Length: 1060 mm * The actual size may depend vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Connections • F-connector• DC input Technical data • Frequency range: 470 ~ 862 MHz• Reception: FM / VHF / UHF• channels: 21-69• 10-15.5 dB antenna gain• 20-30 dB noise attenuation• 33 ° H / V viewing angles 52 °• 75Ω resistor Delivery • Megasat UHF 100• assembly instructions Note: Manuals can be found online at downloads. {sexybookmark}
Azi 116,5 LEI
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