Metricu Tester HD-SDI M‐SDT‐SD4

Tester HD-SDI Metricu M‐SDT‐SD4 -        7 inch HD‐SDI CCTV Tester with PoE voltage testing; -        HD‐SDI input & output, VGA signal input, conveniently to test and set DVR / NVR; -        DC12V 2A power output to camera, USB 5V 2A power output to mobile phone; -        video level meter, cable scan, PoE port flicker, PoE link monitoring; -        ip camera'ping testing, ip address scan, BNC input & output; -        video images could be zoomed in 1‐10 times, support video snapshot; -        video recording and playback, screenshot; -        support Micro SD card for storage, built in 4G SD card -        NTSC/PAL auto‐selecting, video signal measurement; -        PTZ control, preset setting, UTP cable testing, PTZ data analyst; -        RS485 communication address scan, audio input testing, night LED; -        7.4V DC 6500mAh lithium polymer battery, working for 17 hours, user‐defined shortcut keys, etc. -        + Multimeter + Fiber optic power meter
Azi 3.054 LEI
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