MOAK Monodoza cafea Caffee - Espresso Bar

  150 buc/bax Espresso Bar exhibits chocolate and spicy notes enhanced by elevated body and creaminess. A perfect balance between body, aroma and taste. Espresso bar has the flavour of a typical, everyday Italian Espresso. For anyone that enjoys quality coffee you'll never say no to the flavour and aroma of Espresso Bar      
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  • MOAK Monodoza cafea - decofeinizata

    MOAK Monodoza cafea - decofeinizata

    50buc/baxDecaffeinated with fresh,chocolaty taste,the Decaffeinated blend is a lighter,more aromatic and delicate coffee. The caffeine is extracted using the highest quality technology, as naturally as posible, and to retain the fine flacour of the coffee beans. Teh decaf epresso pod is our pick for that late night coffee or for making special coffee desserts and drinks.It's also widely used by cafe's and restaurants as only the freshests decaffeinated cofee is served. mai multe detalii aici
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