Boxe de podea MONITOR AUDIO Monitor M6 The Monitor 6 extends the musical reach of the marque by providing a still wider bandwidth, high power handling, greater efficiency and more effortlessly realised dynamics. No fewer than three MMP II drivers share the frequencies right up to the crossover with the C-CAM tweeter. The lower unit handles deep bass, the other pair provide punchy upper bass and the signature Monitor Audio mid-band response.A beautifullly crafted rigid cabinet, 3-D contoured grilles and reflex port technology complete a worldclass speaker design, which delivers unprecedented effortlessness, bass weight and extension. Nothing has been carried over, nothing modified or tweaked. The Monitor series bass-mid drive unit, with its professional-grade 8-point cap-head bolt fixings, is new from front to back. MMP II is an advance in driver technology developed from Monitor Audios original MMP (Metal Matrix Polymer) cone material and uses a high-pressure injection moulding process to achieve different thickness at critical points of the cone geometry. MMP II provides better stiffness and consistency and tighter production tolerances resulting in superior sonic performance.The new bass-mid chassis design has a vented rear section that reduces thermal power compression to deliver increased dynamic range and higher sound pressure levels. This venting also lowers distortion by balancing the pressure within the motor system. It means clean, crisp bass and an even clearer midrange.High frequency performance has been improved in line. The original Bronze series was praised for the clarity, extension and smoothness of its Gold Dome C-CAM tweeter. But the new Monitor series sets even higher standards. Further development of the C-CAM tweeter - in particular the profiling of its surround and a new front plate design - has resulted in a still smoother response and better dispersion.The emphasis on sound quality and engineering follows through to the crossover which uses high grade polypropylene film capacitors, a low distortionlaminated core and air core inductors. And to the new reflex port design. The inside of the tube has a smooth, soft rubberised coating which greatly reduces air turbulence and unwanted noise. Faster transfer of air results in tighter, more precise bass performance. Culori: Negru, Walnut.
Azi 2.410 LEI
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