Monitor Audio MRX 700

7.1 HD Audio Video Receiver, HDMI 1.4, 3D ready, USB(HDD), Internet RadioA highly anticipated release, the Anthem MRX receivers include all the latest audio formats inc luding Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, and DTS-HD Master Audio and support internet radio. In addition, the MRX series will process 3D movies and television when paired with a 3DTV and a 3D capable source component making them the perfect addition for 3D enabled home theaters. The MRX receivers boast amplifier sections embodying Anthem's design focus on low noise, low distortion and "real" power. Standard on all Anthem products, the receivers come with the company's hallmark of user-friendly menus and easy operation. For instance, each input allows the user to select between two different EQ, crossover, LFE and sound mode settings. For the audio tweaker, this is gold.MRX 700: 7 channels, 120 watts per channel of continuous power, play music from a flash drive or USB hard disk drive, Internet radio, 3D ready, Anthem MDX 1 Dock coming soon. Designed for use with all MRX receivers, Anthem is also introducing an optional add-on accessory, the MDX1 iPod/iPhone dock, including native digital output and on-screen display for the latest generation iPod/iPhone. With no AC adaptor plug or inserts required, as well as menu access and song selection using an MRX remote control, the MDX 1 is a desirable add-on to the MRX family!What is Anthem Room Correction (ARC) and why is it the best on the market? Even when the finest speakers are perfectly positioned, the room itself can have a dramatic negative impact on sound quality. Room dimensions, dead spots, archways, even furniture can turn a room into an additional instrument adding unwanted coloration and resonance to music and movies.ARC adjusts for the room’s effect on the speakers in a way that mimics our hearing. Now your Anthem gear and your Paradigm speakers can do what they do best: allow you to lose yourself in the music or movie you’re watching. How does ARC do what it does?- ARC analyzes each speaker’s in-room response then sets output levels, crossover frequencies and room correction parameters for each one.- ARC applies correction for up to 7 channels plus the sub!- ARC applies Super-Efficient Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters in addition to Anthem’s custom topology … all that means no ‘engine’ noise, this baby runs quickly and quietly.- Unlike other room correction systems, ARC allows for multiple microphone measurements, that way everyone in the room gets a better listen, not just those sitting directly between the speakers.- Processing power to spare!- ARCuracy! The connected PC’s 64-bit floating point processor calculates the correction curves to the n’th degree of accuracy.- Separate configurations for music and movies.- Applies correction to peaks and dips in room response – since rooms have both we get a far more natural and accurate response tackling both!- Fully automated or manual setup – you choose which procedure you want to use. Anthem MRX 700 Highlights:- Anthem Room Correction (ARC) included!- A very beefy amp – more ‘real’ power and real measurements:- 2 x 120 W continuous RMS into 8 ohm, 2 channels driven simultaneous!- 5 x 90 W continuous RMS into 8 ohm, 5 channels driven simultaneous!- Dual-processor audio DSP, Dolby Volume- Video Conversion from Composite Video and Component Video to HDMI- Scaling up to 1080p60, 1080p24 mode, 3D Support via software upgrade- Internet Radio &  AM/FM TunerDecoding:- Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital EX- DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-ES (Matrix, Discrete), DTS 96/24Listening Modes:- AnthemLogic-Music, AnthemLogic-Cinema, All Channels Stereo- Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Movie, Music, Game), Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby Virtual Speaker (Wide, Reference)- DTS Neo:6 (Music, Cinema), Dolby Digital EXInputs:- 4 HDMI Inputs, Digital Audio Inputs: 2 Coaxial + 3 Optical- Analog Video Inputs: 4 Composite + 3 Component- 7 Stereo Analog RCA Inputs- 2 USB Inputs (MRX 700/500)- HDMI On-Screen Display – setup, video adjustments, status, song navigationCustom Installation:- IR Input, IR Emitter Output, Trigger Output, Second Zone, RS-232 ControlADDITIONAL FEATURES:- Video Configuration Memorized by Source- Each Input Configuration: EQ, Crossover, LFE, Sound Mode- Dolby Headphone- Backlit Remote Control  Preamplifier   Frequency Response (at 2 Vrms) 20Hz to 20kHz (+0, -0,25dB) THD+N 0,004% (1,25 Vrms), <0,01% (2 Vrms) S/N Ratio (at 2 Vrms, IEC-A filter) 102 dB Crosstalk (at 2 Vrms) -106 dB Ou
Azi 9.200 LEI
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