Monitor Audio Statement Power A2

Designed and Built in North America. Just like their larger and more powerful siblings, the remarkable A2 and A5 amplifiers are muscular in character and musical by nature. They are multi-talented performers, supplying the power behind physically demanding surround-sound home-theater one moment, then retrieving with remarkable finesse and transparency, the immediacy of a live music performance the next.So what lies behind the remarkable high-end performance of A-Series amplifiers. The answer is in our commitment to state-of-the-art design. A2 and A5 amplifiers enjoy completely modular construction; highly refined four-layer circuit board topology; a minimum number of parts in the signal path, and those of only the highest quality; eight bipolar output devices per channel; mirror-imaged frequency-response channel matching; hand-matched complementary input devices; massive toroidal power supplies; oversize convection-cooled aluminum heatsinks; and a no-fuse design.While all parts are of the finest quality and tolerance, Anthem™ Statement designers use the fewest possible number of parts in the signal path to maintain the integrity of the sound. A2 and A5 amplifiers reveal a profound sense of musical purity, transparency and naturalness.“No Fuse” Design: by eliminating fuses in the DC rails, A2 and A5 amplifiers are Direct-Connected™ to the power supply capacitor bank. This keeps output impedance remarkably low while making more power available to the amplifier and ultimately to the speakers. Even when the amplifiers are driving lower- or complex-impedance loads, the result is audibly superior sonic performance. If an output short circuit does occur, only the AC line breaker will trip—there are no fuses to replace.The standby low-power supply is protected by self-resetting Positive Temperature Coefficent thermistors (PTCs). The inconvenience of replacing fuses is avoided and amplifier circuitry remains well protected. Once the condition that tripped the PTC disappears, the circuit restores itself automatically and the amplifier becomes fully functional again. Anthem™ Statement engineers incorporated AC line breakers where they can be easily reset. And since the breakers are completely outside of the signal path, they do not compromise sonic integrity. A2 and A5 amplifiers are incredibly stable into difficult, low-impedance speaker loads, making them consummately reliable performers.As Anthem™ Statement creations, A2 and A5 amplifiers are fundamentally more revealing, display an even greater degree of musical precision and deliver extraordinary resolution for both music and movies! Inputs 2 Single-Ended, 2 Balanced, 1 Relay Trigger XLR Pin Configuration Pin 1: Ground, Pin 2: Positive, Pin 3: Negative Outputs 2 pairs Binding Posts, 1 Relay Trigger Switches, Front Panel / Rear Panel Power (Off, On) / On/Off Mode (Trigger, Manual, Auto) Power Output (Cont.RMS, 20Hz-20kHz, <1.0% THD) One Channel Driven (8,4,2 Ohm) 225W, 370W, 535W   All Channels Driven (8,4,2 Ohm) 200W, 300W, 410W Frequency Response 5Hz-100kHz (+0, -2 dB),  20Hz-20kHz (+0, -0.15 dB) THD+N 0.001% (1kHz), 0.03% (20kHz) (200W, 8 Ohm) IMD 0.0005% (CCIF, 225 W into 8 O) Power Bandwidth 10 Hz to 100 kHz (+0, -3 dB, 225 W into 8 O) Slew Rate 30 V/µs Input Sensitivity 1.5 Vrms in for 225 W out into 8 O Input Impedance 10 kO (RCA), 15 kO (XLR) Damping Factor 360 at 1 kHz (ref. 8 O) S/N Ratio 120 dB, A-weighted (ref. 225 W) Crosstalk -78 dB at 1 kHz Voltage Gain 29 dB Power Consumption
Azi 9.900 LEI
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