Top Hi-Fi, Preamplificator Stereo Linie, Phono MM/MC
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  • NAD Preamplificator C165BEE

    NAD Preamplificator C165BEE

    The C 165BEE is the perfect complement to NADs C 275BEE Power Amplifi er making a reference level of performance available for far less money than previously possible. Attention to the most minute detail is evident everywhere, from the heavy gauge steel chassis to the sophisticated power supplies and custom Class A gain modules taken straight from the NAD Masters Series components.The C 165BEE is an all new design representing a lifetime of design experience from NADs renowned Director of Advanced Developments, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen. New semiconductors and improved production techniques such as surface mount devices (SMDs) have created opportunities for performance far beyond expectation when compared to previous products in this price range. Compared to its predecessor the C 162, an improved tone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels when combined with the high signal capacity of the NAD Class A Gain Modules.Class A gain modules combine the short signal path advantage of IC based OPAmps with the higher signal and current capacity of discrete transistors. Here SMD is used to miniaturize the circuit while the extruded aluminum heat sink keeps all parts at the optimal operating temperature for ultra low distortion. This unique NAD development endows the C 165BEE with lightening fast transient response and bass extension and defi nition that is uncommon at this price level. High frequencies are extended, silky smooth and grain-free.In the phono stage we have added 3 position switches to individually select the resistance and capacitance of the phono stage to allow precise matching of most popular Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phono cartridges. Other refi nements have lowered noise and improved the overload margin. Precision close tolerance parts are used to achieve nearly perfect RIAA response.Weve also improved the headphone amplifying circuit to better drive studio quality high impedance headphones. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that simply must be heard, to be fully appreciated! 6 Line Level InputsPhono Input with selectable Moving Coil and Moving Magnet sensitivity settings3 position Resistance and Capacitance settings for Phono Input2 Line Level Outputs, one variable from 0dB to -12dBSubwoofer OutputIndependent Headphone AmplifierPure Class A Gain ModulesSealed Reed Relays for Input SwitchingHeavy Gauge Steel ChassisBass and Treble Controls with Defeat Switch (bypass]Gold Plated Sockets12V Trigger OutputIR In and OutDetachable Power CordSR 8 NAD 4 Device System remote Control mai multe detalii aici
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