Octagon SF 1008 HD Intelligence

��� Blind scan allows a search of the entire frequency spectrum of a satellite without the input of frequencies, symbol rates or use of preferences to search. Are hereby found stations that have joined new and not yet included in the network table of a satellite.��� Via a USB 2.0 attached external hard disk, the time shift function can be used. This enables time shifting, so that broadcasts can be paused and replayed at a later date.��� With PIP - Picture in Picture, in German: picture in picture can be seen in the TV program Fersehbild another, as a small window in the corner, so that follow show what you can just run there.��� Behind the front door is located 2 CI slots for CI modules and a Conax card reader. Thus he is well prepared for the decryption of pay-TV programs. Technical data for Octagon SF-1008 HD Linux Receiver IntelligenceHDTV PVR Recevier (MPEG-4 HD / H.264)��� H.264/MPEG-4-HD/SD, DVB-S2 Tuner Blind Scan LINUX OS��� Shift with external HDD (USB 2.0)��� Records & Playback with External HDD (USB 2.0)��� Record and timeshift while��� Recording and playback simultaneously��� Timer recording via EPG��� 1x Conax CA and 2 CI PCMCIA��� UNICABLE Support��� FastScan Support��� USB 2.0 ports (MP3, JPEG)��� Ethernet interface (10/100Mbps LAN)��� HDMI output of video and audio��� PIP (Picture in Picture) function��� Blind scan (SD / HD)��� DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS)��� Multi-Satellite Search��� Supports EPG & MHW-EPG (Media Highway)��� High-resolution OSD interface��� Favorite groups for TV and Radio��� Channel sorting functions such as rename, delete, move, lock��� OSD in different languages��� Teletext Support��� 10,000 program-memory locations (TV & Radio)��� Parental Control��� RCA sockets for AV signal (composite video, stereo audio)��� CVBS, RGB and Y / C signal via Scart (TV)��� Optical (SPDIF) output for Dolby��� 1 watts stand-by consumption Tuner & Channel Decoder (Satellite)��� Input Connector: F-type, IEC 169-24, Female��� Loop through out: F-type, IEC 169-24, Female��� Frequency Range: 950MHz ~ 2150MHz��� Input Impedance: 75 O, unbalanced��� Signal Level: -65 to-25dBm��� LNB Power: 13/18VDC, max. 400mA��� 22KHz Tone: (22 2) KHz, (0.6 0.2) V��� DiSEqC Control: Compatible V1.0/1.2/USALS��� Demodulation: QPSK / 8PSK��� Input Symbol Rate: 1 ~ 45 ms / s (QPSK of DVB-S), 21 ~ 45 ms / s (QPSK of DVB-S2)FEC Decoder 1 / 2, 2 / 3, 3 / 4, 4 / 5, 5 / 6, 8 / 9 and 7 / 8 with Constraint Length K = 7 (DVB-S) 1 / 2, 2 / 3, 3 / 4, 4 / 5 5 / 6 8 / 9 and 9 / 10 (DVB-S2)��� MPEG Transport Stream A / V Decoding.��� Transport stream with H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10, MPEG-4/AVC and H26L), MPEG-II ISO / IEC13818-2/11172-2��� Profile level: MP @ L4 MPEG-4/AVC, MPEG-II MP @ HL��� Input Rate: Max 15Mbit / s��� Video formats: 4:3 Letter Box, 4:3 Pan Scan, 16:9��� Video Resolution: 720 x 576i 720 x 576p, 720 x 480i 720 x 480p, 1280 x 720p, 1920 x 1080i��� Audio decoding: Dolby AAC, AC-3, MPEG-1 Layer 1,2 and 3��� Audio Mode: STREO / Joint stereo / mono, Dolby AC-3��� Sampling Rate: 32KHz, 4 4.1KHz and 48KHz System��� Main Processor: STi Chipset��� Memory: Flash ROM: 32 Mbytes��� SDRAM: 192 Mbytes��� EEPROM: 128 MbytesAudio / Video��� TV SCART: RGB, Y / C, CVBS Video, Audio L, R output��� VCR SCART: CVBS Video, Audio L, R output, RGB video input, CVBS Video, Audio L, R input��� RCA: CVBS video output, Audio L, R output��� Component: YPbPr video output��� HDMI: Video & Audio Output OPTIC��� AC-3 Dolby Digital (SPDIF)��� RS-232C: 9 pin D-SUB (Male) type, Transfer rate 115Kbps��� USB: USB 2.0 Host Support (Front & Rear) Front Panel��� Slot: 1x USB 2.0 host port, 2x module slots & 1x Card Reader��� Display: VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) 12Digit��� Keys: 3 keys (Standby, Menu, OK) Power Supply��� Input Voltage: AC100 ~ 250V, 50/60Hz��� Type: SMPS��� Power Consumption: Max 30W��� Standby power consumption: 1W max��� Backup: Separate Internal Fuse & Lighting protection Physical Specifications��� Dimensions (WxHxD): 300mm x 60mm x 230mm��� Weight: 2.7 kg��� Operating Temp: 0 �� C ~ +45 �� C��� Storage Temperature: -10 �� C ~ +70 �� C �� {sexybookmark}
Azi 786,5 LEI
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