Octava 3 x 8 HDMI 1.3 1080P switch and split

• The 3x8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier can be used in standalone application to distribute HDMI video and audio to 8 HD displays or cascaded to create large HD display centers requiring more than 8 HD displays.• The 3x8 HDMI Distribution Amp is housed in a 1RU high unit and includes rack mounts for easy integration in professional 19" equipment racks. Dedicated RS-232 port allows easy integration with 3rd party control software. • Our proprietary Clear EYETM transmission line and ISI reduction design will IMPROVE the digital video signals. Smart ScanTM algorithm intelligently selects the correct HDMI source so you can enjoy the program instead of fumbling with the remote. • HDMI is backward compatible with DVI-D. This switch will work with either DVI or HDMI. We understand that you may have a "mixed" system and require different cables. We allow you to choose the type of cable that you need during purchase. Features:• V1.3, 1080P • 3 HDMI inputs. Select any 3 sources and send to 8 displays. • 8 HDMI outputs display HD video simultaneously on displays! • RS-232 port for integrating with 3rd party control systems • Cascadeable for creating large HDTV display kiosks • Dedicated hardware HDCP engine for robust and secure HDCP operation • 1RU rackmount capable. Rack mounts included • Works with HDMI or DVI-D, HDCP-enabled HDTV • Supports high resolution video 480p, 720i/p, 1080i/p • Smart SCAN TM algorithm intelligently selects the correct input. • Clear EYETM design optimizes HDMI signal transmission • Backward compatible with DVI-D • Remote Control (IR) included. Discrete Code allows direct channel control. • LED dimming control for ultimate viewing. Specifications Model HDDA38 HDMI Inputs 3 HDMI Ouputs 8 IN/Out Connectors 19 pin HDMI female type-A HDCP Compliant Yes Display Selection Push Button or remote control Single Link Range 480i,480P,576i, 576p, 720i, 720p, 1080i,1080p Video Data Rate 6.75 Gbps Vertical Frequency 24/48/50/60 Hz (24Hz Fixed: Yes, Autodetect: No)   Cable Lengths Tested 2 m In, 10 m out Dimension 7.3 x 3.4 x 1 inch Output Cables (optional) see options (your choice of type)   DC adapter(included) 9VDC, 500mA Rack Mount Include rack mounts for 1RU racks {sexybookmark}
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