PHILIPS - br125 ir 150w e27 230-250v red 1ct

Product DescriptionR125 and BR125 (125 mm diameter) blown-bulb reflector and PAR38 (121 mm diameter) pressed glass reflector lamps Benefits Simple, safe and clean heat source High efficiency, low energy cost Fast growing, healthier animals with low mortality figures for animal rearing 30% extra energy saving with use of PAR through its unique reflector system Dimmable Caracteristici BR 125 lamps: PAR38 lamps: Aplicatii Agricultural: breeding and rearing of pigs, calves, foals, dogs, poultry etc. Veterinary clinics, zoos, pet shops Industrial heating, e.g. drying, baking, carbonising, melting etc. General radiant heating, e.g. hot food displays, bathrooms, cooker hoods, space heating, hobbies etc.  
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