PHILIPS - master stairway 20w ww e27 1ch

Product DescriptionEnergy-saving lamps with quick start-up and unlimited on/off switching cyclesBenefits Ideal for places where lights are switched on/off frequently (e.g. stairway, toilet) Switching on/off has no influence on lifetime Very quick start-up time, especially in stairway applications Low total cost of ownership Caracteristici Quick start-up: 0.2 - 0.3 sec Unlimited switching cycles (over 500 000 switches) Long lifetime: over 20 000 hours High initial light output: 60% in 10 seconds European energy efficiency label A Aplicatii Designed to replace incandescent lamps in applications with frequent switching on/off For indoor and outdoor use (outdoors, fixtures which protect against rainfall are required) Not suitable for dimming
Azi 47,96 LEI
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