Pioneer Receiver PDX-Z9

All your music played here. Perfectly. Internet Radio, your CD (and SACD) collection, your iPod, even music stored on your home PC, the PDX-Z9 will receive and digitally amplify your entire music collection; how and wherever it’s stored. The PDX-Z9 is DLNA certified, which means that it can also be integrated into your home network. Music files from your home PC can be digitally amplified and mastered . The receiver is equipped with our unique Advanced Sound Retriever function, which digitally restores compressed music formats to their original brilliance. With a full dot white OEL display and aluminium top panel, the PDX-Z9 represents the best in both form and function, complementing any interior. As part of our Pure Audio Component Series, the PDX-Z9 shares high-fidelity construction, working to give you a pure, smooth and fine-tuned sound – no matter what you are listening to.   Features Close all Open all Main Features Output Power per Channel 50W Number of Channels 2 Input Connections • 1 x Line • 1 x Phono • 1 x iPod • 1 x LAN • 1 x USB (front-in) • 1 x Headphone Output Connections 1 x Line Tuner Pre-set Stations 30 Plays • FM/AM RDS Radio (integrated with 30 station memory) • Internet Radio • MP3, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC (via your iPod or USB memory device) • SACD and CD discs DLNA Certified (+) Yes DLNA stands for the Digital Living Network Alliance, and is an organisation of consumer electronics, computing and mobile device companies. Simply put, DLNA enables the easy sharing of digital media through a wired or wireless network in your home. This means that you can enjoy content stored on your home PC (music, films and photographs, depending on the model you choose) via your amplifier and on your KURO TV. The DLNA certification logo (it's the logo on the right) makes it easy to find products that comply with the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. Remote Control Standard Remote Power Consumption (in use / standby) 47 W / 0.4 W Weight 5 kg Dimensions (W x H x D) 386 x 88 x 347  mm Surround Sound Formats Surround Modes (+) 3 (Relaxing, Exciting, Vivid) Depending on your product, you have the option of a number of surround modes to automatically enhance your system's output. The "+1" number refers to the headphone surround mode, which is activiated automatically when you plug your headphones into the system. Our system surround modes include: • Advanced Music: Dubplicates the acoustics of a large concert hall. • Advanced Movie: Reproduces a mid-size movie theatre environment. • Expanded Theater: Adds more depth to Dolby Surround sources, while allowing faithful reproduction of 5-channel speaker sound. • Virtual surround back: Surround sound becomes even more impressive. You can now experience 6.1 surround sound with a 5.1 speaker set-up. Just switch to Virtual Sourround Back mode, and the left and right rear satellite speakers will create a phantom sound source behind you - it sounds as if there are actually speakers behind you. • Virtual surround: (available on selected products) Creates a virtual surround effect using just the subwoofer and front speakers. • Phones Surround: Phones Surround reproduces overall surround sound for headphone listening. • Advanced game: Enhances video game sound. • TV Surround: Produces surround sound from mono or stereo TV sources. • Sports:( Gives the impression of being in the middle of a sports stadium. • 5-Channel Stereo: (available on selected products) This gives powerful multi-speaker sound to a stereo source with equal power delivered to all the speakers. It is especially suited to music sources with deep bass and a strong rhythmic feel. • 6-channel stereo: (available on selected products) 6 channel stereo sound reproduction. • 7-channel stereo: (available on selected products) 7 channel stereo sound reproduction. • Dialogue Enhancement: (available on selected products) Enhances centre channel reproduction during action sequences so that the dialogue stands out from other background sounds. This mode also positions dialogues and vocals, usually located in the centre channel, between the two front speakers even if the actual centre speaker is above or below the TV. This happens by applying EQ to the centre channel, taking out the middle frequencies with a band pass filter, and distributing them to the speakers on either side. When the front speakers are at the same level as the TV, the enhanced dialogue will appear to be coming from the TV. • Auto surround: (available on selected products) The Auto surround mode is the simplest way to listen to any source as it was mastered: the output from the speakers mirrors the channels in the source material. Power Output Rated Power Output 40W + 40W(20Hz - 20.000kHz, 1,0% T.H.D., 4Ω) Power Requirements AC 220V - 240V, 50 - 60Hz Input & Output connections Headphone Yes Audio Features Bass/Treble
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