Pioneer Subwoofer Auto TS-WH500A

The TS-WH500A is an extremely thin, yet powerful subwoofer system for your car. Its built-in MOSFET amplifier boosts no less than 150 Watts through the aluminium cone woofer. And thanks to the unique Horizontal Vertical Transforming technology, which produces vertical vibrations through a horizontal driving force, this sub produces authentic, clear and wide-range bass sound for any kind of music.SpecificationsHVTAmplified SubwooferPioneer active subwoofers are small and compact in size yet big in sound and performance.
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  • Pioneer Subwoofer Auto TS-WX206A

    Pioneer Subwoofer Auto TS-WX206A

    For those customers who want powerful bass sound, but don't want to sacrifice their boot space, then this high performing - yet compact - model is on the mark. Its compact design makes easy and flexible installation possible. And no matter how much luggage is packed in the boot, the large-sized aluminium die-cast heat sink keeps cool. A MOSFET 150 W amp improves amplifier performance and reproduces massive power bass. With large exhaust-like dual ports, the TS-WX206A looks and performs the part of a true muscle amp: producing the higher SPL that tuning fans want in their car.SpecificationsVariable LPFadjust your low-pass filter frequency for greater audio system flexibilityAmplified SubwooferPioneer active subwoofers are small and compact in size yet big in sound and performance. mai multe detalii aici
    1.062 ,00 LEI
  • Pioneer Subwoofer Auto TS-WX210A

    Pioneer Subwoofer Auto TS-WX210A

    The TS-WX210A focuses on functionality andperformance. Use this 20cm sub vertically or horizontally: it takes up aminimum amount of space in the boot or virtually disappears under a seat. Butits performance punch is an attention-grabber.A quality MOSFET 150 W amplifier provides powerful bass, while a cabinet-reinforcing aluminium die-cast heatsink is responsible for top sound performance, free of distortion.A wired remote control is includedfor easy gain, phase and LPF tuning. mai multe detalii aici
    899 ,00 LEI
  • Pioneer Subwoofer Auto TS-WX610A

    Pioneer Subwoofer Auto TS-WX610A

    If you are looking for an amplifiedsubwoofer but would rather not give up your boot space, consider the TS-WX610A.This all-in-one solution for in-car bass is designed to fit rightinto your 14 inch spare wheeljust place your subwoofer in your wheel.Easily installed, it will provide for a powerfuland dynamic sound thanks to 2.10 Dual Voice Coil speakers and a 200W MOSFETamplifier. The Speaker Level Input allows for a fast connection tofactory-fitted desks.Less distortionand stronger soundInternally, the TS-WX610A is cleverlystructured. Because of the position of the two speakers within the enclosure,youll get less distorted and stronger, more refined sound, whileusing less power than other active subwoofer designs.With a die-cast aluminium frameconstruction and aluminium top panel this subs design is strong and durable. mai multe detalii aici
    1.219 ,00 LEI
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