Pompa Sicce CO2 Life 1

Tehnologie noua de producere a CO2 fara butelie sau alte mijloace externe. Sistem economic si sigur. Apa este limpede in cateva zile si pastreaza ph-ul constant. Reglare usoara. Cartusul de carbon se reumple la 2-4 luni. Pentru acvarii intre 40-150 litrii. This NEW fertilization system without bottle and others external tools (PATENTED), is provided with a carbon cartridge which ensures a constant release of carbon dioxide for electrolysis and do not provoke sudden changes of PH in the aquarium. CO2 Life is available in 2 models: one for aquariums from 40 L to 150 L(Life 1) � the other for aquariums from 100 L to 250 L(Life 2). It is adjustable according the requirements of the user, increasing or decreasing the CO2 release.The carbon cartridge has small dimension and has to be changed every 2/4 months depending on the aquarium characteristics and dimensions. CO2 Life is easy to install and regulate; it is extremely compact and do not disturb the general look of the aquarium from outside; it can be positioned vertically by its suction cups and everywhere behind plants or stones. Produs de: Sicce,Italia Livrare la domiciliu oriunde in tara,cost transport 20 Ron(ramburs) sau 10 Ron(plata prin banca)
Azi 255,0 -325,0 LEI

Prețul mediu 290,0

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