Qlogic SANbox 5800 8-Port 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch

QLogic SANbox 5800 (SB5800V) 8-Port 8Gb/s Fibre Channel Switch. Package includes, single power supply, 8x hot-plug 8Gb SFP ports, 4x 10 XPAC MSA Ports SANbox 5800 8-Port 8Gb Fibre Channel Stack Switch from QLogic is a versatile switch designed to grow with your business. With eight activated 8Gb device ports it's ready to manage a number of devices right out of the box. As your needs increase, additional 8Gb ports can be purchased and activated in increments of 4. The four dedicated 10Gb stacking ports allow fast and flexible growth as the needs of your business increase, and can also be upgraded to 20Gb without rewiring or replacing any hardware. The switches are designed so that multiple stacked switches can be managed as one, and the switches are compatible with a wide variety of software, including Enterprise Fabric Suite and SANdoctor. Fabric Security and QuickTools software are included with the switch. The SANBox 5000 series of switches are designed to grow with your business, reducing waste and keeping initial costs low. Start with Always On 10Gb ISLs Each SANbox 5800V ships with all four 10Gb stacking ports active by default. At their default 10Gb setting, the four stacking ports provide over 50Gb additional bandwidth per switch - the equivalent of six extra 8Gb ports. 10Gb ISL speed provides more than enough bandwidth for customers in the early stages of their 8Gb migration, when many switch ports will still be attached to 4Gb storage and other legacy devices. 20Gb Bandwidth On-Demand When a majority of SANbox device ports are eventually connected to actual 8Gb devices, additional inter-switch bandwidth may be desired. At that point, customers may non-disruptively upgrade the ISL ports on one or more switches to 20Gb, extending the stability, cost-savings, and performance benefits. IT managers now have all the network headroom they need to deploy new applications and technologies with confidence. Since 20Gb uses the same cables/connectors as 10Gb, customers can upgrade their entire SAN at the click of a mouse - without touching a cable or purchasing any new hardware. Installation and Configuration Wizards From basic switch setup to advanced zoning and extended distance configuration, the SANbox 5800V has automated routines to make deployment a snap. Installation is a 3-step point-and-click process. Self-configuring switch ports automatically adjust to 8Gb, 4Gb, or 2Gb device speeds. 8x 8Gb Device Ports Activated 4x 10/20Gb Stacking Ports Compatible with 8Gb, 4Gb and 2Gb Devices Increase Available Ports based on Need Stack Up to 6 Switches Manage Multiple Switches as One
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