Shuttle AIO X50V3L Barebone PC 15.6" touchscreen Black

All-in-one PC for unconventional applications Shuttle's All-in-One PC X50V3L is powered by Intel's Atom D2550 processor, codenamed "Cedarview". The smaller architecture of 32 nm helps improve on power consumption and computing power. The X50V3L is completely passively cooled and therefore is virtually noiseless. Doing away with any fans means there is one less element that may need repairing or servicing. If an SSD drive is installed in the X50V3L, the entire machine has no moving parts at all – ideal for maximum reliability. Features Intel Atom CPU platform Atom epitomises an energy-saving, multi-functional CPU platform. Despite its low energy consumption, this highly integrated platform features a dual core processor with integrated graphics card. The computing power of this platform easily meets everyday office needs or the demands of more simple home applications. Fanless and whisper-quiet The fanless technology used in this PC means it is incredibly quiet. Doing away with these mechanical components also reduces the number of wearing parts, making the machine more durable and stable. Low energy consumption Thrift is a virtue. In terms of power consumption this Mini-PC sets an example. It is not just good for the environment but for your pocket, too. Intel chipset inside Play it safe with the reliable chipsets from the world's largest chip manufacturer. Intel chipsets have proven themselves over many years, have been presented with awards by the trade press and offer the best possible degree of compatibility. Multiformat card reader At last – no more searching for missing digital camera leads. Simply insert the memory card and you can access all stored photos and videos immediately. Anti-theft protection The Kensington Lock forms part of the anti-theft system. As with many other Notebooks, this Mini-PC can also be safely locked, ensuring long-term enjoyment from your Shuttle product. Inbuilt stereo speakers Two powerful speakers are elegantly integrated into the design and deliver astonishingly good sound quality. And when more power is needed, you can attach external speakers via audio jacks. Suitable for Linux operating systems This model was successfully tested with openSUSE Linux by Novell. All machine functions worked without problem immediately after installation. Connections without all those annoying cables Data is transferred by WLAN completely without cables. Accessing the Internet and local network resources (e.g. printers) is now child's play when within range of an access point/hotspot. Solid base Folded 180° vertically, the chrome anti-slip pedestal can be used as a carrying handle. A particularly clever solution from Shuttle's engineers. Keeping in touch The revolutionary touchscreen allows this Mini-PC to be controlled without the use of mouse or keyboard. Touching the screen with a finger or stylus takes the place of the mouse. And with a virtual keyboard, entries can be made directly on the screen. Securely attached The practical VESA mounting surface on the back of the device enables it to be attached to monitor arms or wall mounts. The VESA format is standardised, making it suitable for most mounts. Integrated Webcam The inbuilt Webcam enables problem-free video telephony and video conferencing in high-quality megapixel format. Fan-less external power supply A highly effective external power supply provides the Shuttle Mini-PC with its energy. And since it works without a fan, it is completely noise-free. Communication in the fast lane The integrated gigabit LAN chipset opens up completely new possibilities for communication with no restriction on the speed of data transfer. Say goodbye to information bottlenecks, whether in the company network or for home Internet access. Specification Fanless and silent • Passive cooling, no fan noise at all • Perfect to be used in noise-sensitive environments • Fanless, dust-free and thus virtually maintenance-free Chassis • Colour: black, matt / non-glossy • Dimensions: 391.3 x 327 x 42 mm (WxHxL)  • 100mm VESA mount capable • Mounting hole for Kensington lock • Weight: 2.93 kg net, 4.2 kg gross Operating system • This system comes without operating system. • It is compatible with the 32 bit version of Windows 7 Touchscreen • Touchscreen function support fingertip input • Resistance and single touch  technology • Including stylus pen for the touchscreen 39.6cm display (15.6") • 39.6cm/15.6" LCD display, ratio: 16:9 wide screen panel • Resolution: 1366x768 = 1.05 Megapixels • Backlight unit: High power LED Processor • Intel Dual Core Atom processor D2550 (Codename: Cedarview) • Intel Hyper-Threading technology: 2-threads per core • 32 nm manufacturing process, Micro-FCBGA11 package • Intel 64 architecture, Core clock: 1.86 GHz • L2 Cache: 1024kB , TDP:
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