Shuttle Slim-PC X 6110XA

More connectivity, performance and efficiency for the nettop The ultra-compact Shuttle Slim-PC X 6110XA is an ideal slim-line nettop PC not only a small but powerful HTPC for the home user, but also a robust PC for the enterprise or industial environment. It features Dual LAN for server applications and two serial ports which are still required for many professional devices. With two digital video outputs you can maximize your efficiency by using two separate monitors. Together with an Intel Core i3 Ivy Bridge processor, 4 GB RAM and a 320 GB hard it is a very power efficient and reliable system for a wide range of applications, while the heat-pipe cooling ensures the system runs quietly at maximum stability.   Features   HDMI interface   Goodbye cable spaghetti! Modern flat-screen TVs and large-format TFT screens can be connected to this Mini-PC with just a single thin cable. Often the audio output is also transferred in brilliant quality via the HDMI cable. If your Mini-PC already has a Blu-ray drive, the path to high-definition entertainment is clear. Digital monitor output   Large TFT monitors work with extremely high resolutions. Digital technology is essential for displaying video signals in excellent quality and with no loss of performance. This Mini-PC offers a high-quality DVI monitor output. The fastest connection to external peripheral devices available to date   The USB 3.0 connectors of this model allow for data transfer of up to 5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s). This enables external devices such as USB hard disks to be connected and run at nearly the same speed as their internal siblings. USB 3.0 is downward compatible so that also devices of previous USB generations can be hooked up. 6-channel audio   With the inbuilt sound card you can connect up to six speakers. Get your own personal surround-sound experience at home. Crystal-clear audio transmission   SPDIF allows the transmission of audio signals in digital quality. The sound of films, music and games is sent to the terminal via fibre-optic or coax cable without any data loss. Anti-theft protection   The Kensington Lock forms part of the anti-theft system. As with many other Notebooks, this Mini-PC can also be safely locked, ensuring long-term enjoyment from your Shuttle product. Cleverly hidden   In this model the ports and drives are hidden behind moveable panels that offer ideal protection from dust and ensure a clean, harmonious look. Not everyone needs to be able to see just what your Mini-PC can do. Fan-less external power supply   A highly effective external power supply provides the Shuttle Mini-PC with its energy. And since it works without a fan, it is completely noise-free. Communication in the fast lane   The integrated gigabit LAN chipset opens up completely new possibilities for communication with no restriction on the speed of data transfer. Say goodbye to information bottlenecks, whether in the company network or for home Internet access. Intelligent fan control   The Smart Fan system promises low operating noise with its large, slowly rotating fans, which generate a very large airflow and have automatic variable speed control. Generous supply of USB ports   You can never have enough of those versatile USB ports. This Shuttle Mini-PC offers 6 ports, with further ports for internal expansions located on the mainboard. Pre-assembled cabling saves time   The most important power and data cables are already routed and just have to inserted into the relevant components. This saves valuable time when setting up the system. Intel chipset inside   Play it safe with the reliable chipsets from the world's largest chip manufacturer. Intel chipsets have proven themselves over many years, have been presented with awards by the trade press and offer the best possible degree of compatibility. Just 2.5" HDDs   An extremely compact PC housing offers less space for drives, that's why this Mini-PC uses slimline 2.5-inch hard disks. The advantage of this is that there's less noise, less heat generated and reduced power consumption. However small hard disks in a small housing does not have to mean less memory. Modern 2.5" HDDs are every bit as good as their 3.5" brothers.     Specification   Chassis • Nettop PC, slim X-type chassis, black • Dimensions: 240 x 200 x 72 mm (LWH) = 3.5 litres • Weight: 2.2 kg net, 3.5 kg gross • Front doors for optical drive and front panel connectors • Hole for the Kensington Lock at the back panel • Operation position horizontal or vertical with the optional stand PS01 Basis • This PC is based on the Shuttle Slim-PC Barebone XH61V Operation System • This system comes without operating system. • It is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP Processor • Intel Core i3-3220 • Sockel LGA1155 • 2 Kerne, 4 Threads • Taktfrequenz: 3,3 GHz • Intel Smart Cache: 3 MB • Max. Verl
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