Smart DPA 989 cascade Unicable MS

Extensible unicable system for two satellite positions• Two quatro LNBs and the Smart DPA 98 respectively DPA 989 form the base for an Unicable system with two satellite positions. Almost any number of participants can receive, independently from each other, all targeted programs by two different satellites. In addition, the SAT-ZF frequencies can be cascaded. With each switch, up to eight participants can be provided with the satellite signals.• Owners of multi-family houses know the problem: If a satellite signal has to be distributed to several apartments and all of the programs should remain, then a star distribution is the only solution to deliver the signal to every participant. But this is linked with a significant installation cost or even with structural alteration.• The intelligent DPA 98 and DPA 989 solve this problem, because they allow the distribution of digital satellite signals to the satellite receivers via one single cable.• The installation of the DPA 98 allows distributing signals from two satellite positions for up to eight receivers.• The installation of a DPA 989 is similar to the installation of the DPA98. The DPA 989 can additionally cascade the signals of the two Quatro LNBs to further DPA 989. At each DPA 989 up to eight participants can receive independently all the programs of the two targeted satellites.• Thus, the solution with several smart Unicable DPA 989 is ready for almost any number of receivers. • Inputs Sat: 8• Inputs Terr: 1• Outputs (DPA 98): 1x Unicable, 1x meter• Outputs (DPA 989): 1x Unicable, 1x meter, 9x cascade• Frequency range satellite: 950 - 2150 MHz• Frequency Terr: 47 - 862 MHz• Gain Sat: -2.5 - 3.8 dB• Gain Terr: -11.8 ... -5.3 dB• Decoupling Sat / Terr.:> 25 dB• Dimensions (L x W x H): 148 x 214 x 39 mm {sexybookmark}
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