Smart meter S10

��� Signal strength and signal quality are used as numerical values and as a bar graph (bar graph) dargestellt.Als further readings, it determines the signal to noise ratio (C / N) and the bit error rate (BER). Additionally, the image quality on high-resolution 8.9-inch TFT LCD screen werden.Um checked the satellite antenna so quickly to the desired satellite to be able to have many satellites already vorprogrammiert.Im delivery is next to a power supply, a USB connection cable included. It can be the software of the smart meter S10 via USB aktualisieren.F��r transport and serves as a protective carrying case. Features ��� High-resolution 3.5-inch TFT-LCD screen��� Visual and audible signal at satellite��� Software update of the instrument on PC (via USB)��� Li-Ion battery (fast charger)��� Last about four hours on battery��� Spectrum Analyzer to display the signal quality of all transponders��� Display of signal strength numerically and as a (bar graph)��� Automatic calculation of the angle of azimuth and elevation��� Display of polarization��� Frequency range: 950 - 2150 MHz��� USALS, DiSEqC 1.0 and DiSEqC 1.2��� Measurement of BER and C / N��� PVR-ready (Personal Video Recorder)��� Screenshots with one touch save to USB Power supply��� Operating voltage: 12.6 V��� Li-oN * Battery: 1950 mA��� Charger: 90-240 V��� Power supply (charger): 175 - 250 V ~, 50/60 Hz�� Menu languages��� German, English, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish, French, Czech, Portuguese Accessories��� Carrying case��� 12 V vehicle adapter cable��� External power supply��� Euro-power cord��� Manual Weight��� 470 g Dimensions��� (W x H x D) 105 x 170 x 45 {sexybookmark}
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