Smart Titanium MS 9/8 ES

• The smart Multiswitch MS 9/8 ES is from the development to the production "Made in Germany". Ultramodern components from the mobile technology and an integrated DC/DC converter provide a reliable and energy-efficient operation. This reduces the temperature of the multiswitch, increases its reliability and lowers the operating costs. A clear and simple labeling of the inputs and outputs facilitate the installation. Technical data: • Inputs sat: 8• Inputs terrestrial: 1• Outputs: 8• Power supply: integrated DC/DC-converter, energy saving• Frequency range: 47~2300 MHz• Tap loss sat: 0 dB• Tap loss terrestrial: 3 dB• max. outputlevel sat: 95 dBµV• max. outputlevel terrestrial: 83 dBµV• Control signal switch: DiSEqC 2.0/analog• Current drawn from power supply: max. 140 mA• Unit power consumption: max. 3 W• Mains: 190 - 240 V / 50 Hz{sexybookmark}
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