Spaun SBK 131309 NF 13/13 Cascadable Basic Multiswitch

Power Launch Amplifier for large distribution networks for cascading with SMK 13xx9 F rather SMK 13xx9 FA Features:• Integrated energy-saving switching power supply U~ : 100 ... 240 V / 47 ? 63 Hz• Standby function (selective) • Ground clampTerrestrial:• The terrestrial input is return path compatible.• Supply voltage selectable: 0 V / 18 V (400 mA)SAT-IF:• The power launch amplifier features 12 SAT-IF trunkline inputs and outputs in total for reception and distribution of 4 SAT-IF signals of each SAT system A, B and C.• To ensure logical allocation of the IF signals according to the DiSEqC circuit criteria, the IF signals must be connected to the power launch amplifier according to the marking on the unit.• All IF amplifiers feature an integrated 5 dB slope. • Each SAT system features a synchronous level controller. • Thus an adjustment of different signals up to 10 dB is possible.  {sexybookmark}
Azi 2.814 LEI
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