Spaun SBK 171709 NF 17/17 Cascadable Basic Multiswitch

Power Launch Amplifier for large distribution networks for extension with SMK 17xx9 F. Features:��� Integrated energy-saving switching power supply U~: 100 ... 240 V / 50 ... 60 Hz��� Standby function��� Ground clamp Terrestrial:��� The terrestrial input is return path compatible.��� Supply voltage selectable: 0 V / 18 V (400 mA) ��SAT-IF:��� Synchronous level adjuster for each SAT-IF system��� A special amplifier / filter design improves the intermodulation properties of the launch amplifier considerably��� The high selective input filter guarantees that interference products of the LNBs cannot drive the amplifiers into saturation��� An additional output filter ensures that intermodulation products and noise effects do not degrade the terrestrial signal��� The launch amplifier supports a standby mode. The SAT-IF amplifiers and the LNB remote voltage are only active when at least one receiver feeds a remote voltage to its multiswitch outlet{sexybookmark}
Azi 3.426 LEI
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