Spaun SMS 5803 NF 5/8 Compact Multiswitch

Features:• Integrated energy saving switching power supply Mains supply: U~: 100 ... 240 V / 50 ... 60 Hz• Standby functionTerrestrial:• Terrestrial amplifier is made for CATV and usingpush-pull technology • With the integrated variable attenuator active or passive distribution can be selected. In active mode too high input levels can be decreased by 0 ... 10 dB• Turned to max. attenuation the amplifier is bypassed and turned off. The passive distribution is return path compatible (5 ... 862 Mhz)SAT-IF:•A special amplifier / filter design improves the inter modulation properties of the multiswitch considerably• The high selective input filter guarantees that interference products of the LNBs cannot drive the amplifiers into saturation• An additional output filter ensures that intermodulation products and noise effects do not degrade the terrestrial signal• LNB supply voltage selctable. Twin-, SMATV- and universal twin LNBs can be connected• The multiswitches support a standby mode. The SAT-IF amplifiers and the LNB remote voltage are only active when at least one receiver sends a volta ge to its multiswitch outlet• Amplifiers precompensating > 6 dB slope•  Synchronous level adjuster for low- and high band to adjust different input levels {sexybookmark}
Azi 646,1 LEI
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