Spaun SMS 9982 NF 9/8 Cascadeable Basic Multiswitch

Premium Class Basic multiswitch cascadable,with• 8 Receiver outputs• switching power supply• variable active / passive terrestrial• separate level attentuator for each IF input• LNB supply voltage selectable • SAT IF amplifier precompensating 4 dB slope• standby function and• integrated Receiver-Mode for each receiver output.  Features:SAT-IF:• SAT-IF amplifiers precompensating 4 dB slopeIF selection logic:1. Using the analogue control signals 14/18 V, 0/22 kHz and ToneBurst or the DiSEqC commands Polarity, Band and Position2. Using the mode selector available for each receiver to swap• The multiswitches support a standby mode. The SAT- IF amplifiers and the LNB remote voltage are only active when at least one receiver feeds a remoten voltage to its multiswitch outlet• The multiswitches support DiSEqC 2.0. Bidirectional communication between receiver and multiswitch is possible 9 isolated termination resistors are shipped with the multiswitches to terminate the trunklines{sexybookmark}
Azi 1.161 LEI
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