SPEC Pick-Up GMP-701

We are pleased to inform you that SPEC's flag-ship turntable GMP-701has just been released with upgraded materials and specifications.a) 90mm thickness heavy-duty wood base produced in Hida-Takayama, Japan.http://www.hida.jp/english/b) 40cm diameter heavy-duty turntable made of Gun-metal with 3.26 tons/cm2 inertia moment.c) Magnetic floating mechanism at the center spindle to accept the heavy turntable.d) The fixed axis rotation system with the thrust bearing.e) A precision core-less DC motor from Switzerland.f) A newly developed insulators isolate the turntable from the vibration.g) A newly developed analog disc sheet AP-UD1.The tonearm base will be produced on built-to-order system foraccording to the specifications of your tonearm and about 60 daysproduction lead-time is required.
Azi 75.195 LEI
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