SpringTV 9Wall - Video wall controller - 9 outputs

The 9Wall is a high-resolution video controller that enables 1 x high resolution input up to 1920��1200 DVI-D or (HDMI via adapter or cable) and outputs 9 x DVI-D outputs scalable up to 1920��1200 per screen. This provides a cost-effective solution because the multiple output design enables large-screen display solutions through only one video controller. The 9Wall offers the most convenience and ease-of-use by locating the OSD keypad at the front and all the video outputs and power at the rear. The 9Wall is perfect for all kinds of display applications because it is designed to drive LCD, DLP screens, video wall cubes and projectors. To those who are not familiar with a video wall is, it is a group of smaller displays tiled together in a matrix to create one large display.  Applications of  9Wall: Ideal for Television Studio background, Medical Image Review, and Digital Signage Display Solutions HD 1920 x 1200 Video wall controller with image auto scaling (3 x 3 Video Wall Controller) Compatible with Various Type of Displays You can connect 9Wall video wall controllers to almost any monitor that supports DVI input. Monitors can be selected according to budget and application needs. Features of 9Wall video wall controller: Fan-less design for any implementation The 9Wall can operate in 4 screen (2x2), 6 (3x2), 6 (3x2) or 9 (3x3) screen mode Provide 1 image source input up to 1920��1200 DVI-D Single-Link and 9x DVI-D outputs to nine (3x3) monitors Display mode choice (Clone, Full Mode 3x3, or 2x2, 2x3, 3x2) Software OSD control IR Remote Controller Enhanced display connection advantage Up to 1920��1200 pixel input and scalable up to 1920��1200 output per display. On Screen Display/Remote control functions for selecting; Display mode, Output resolution. Border mask enable/disable and frame wideness adjustment. The Bezel mask or screen border adjustment feature is quite an important one. Usually, the display will be ���staggered��� from screen to screen because to the use of conventional LCD/Plasma displays. With this function, you can adjust the display to be seamless, e.g. mask-out the screen bezel enabling a visually seamless display. RS-232 communication for remote control (if required) You can easily install and control the video wall or multi-screens either from a PC, Laptop or remote control unit. Multiple units can be used for larger screen configurations, e.g. by installing a dual channel graphics card into a PC then two 9wall's can be connected to enable a 6��3 video wall or multi-screen display or one 9Wall can be cascaded to four further units to enable a 16��16 videowall / multiscreens. Features Mode choice 2x2, 3x2, 2x3, 3x3 Software OSD Remote control Bezel Mask Function
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