SpringTV Dew One

The Dew One Editing System is built to take your creative editing to the next level, whether you're editing high-definition video at 1080p ��� or stereoscopic 3D files even 4K. Built around a powerful Intel Sandybridge architecture, the system comes bundled with Davinci Resolve le. The installed nVIDIA card is a qualified graphics card for the 64-bit software application, accelerating its effects processing with 480 CUDA Cores and OpenCL. In addition, the workstation comes 16GB Ram, SSD system drive, 2 TB of video storage, FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet. *Optional you may choose raid adapters, 10Gbit Ethernet, thunderbolt adapters, RED Rocket accelerator and IO cards (Blackmagic, AJA, BlueFish444) depending on your needs Dew One supports: Adobe Mercury Engine, FinalCut RT Engine, Avid RT FX, Octane rendering on GPU, DaVinci Resolve realtime on GPU and Mental Ray (compatible with OSX and Windows 7/8). Professional editors understand the importance of focusing on their work. Dew One turnkey system will let editors do what they do best: edit. The system comes with a full year of technical support. Technical Specification Intel Sandy Bridge i7 16 GB DDR3 RAM with 64bit workflow SSD system drive 2 TByte HDD Video Storage CUDA & OpenCL cores bringing 2.5 TeraFlops per second bundled with Davinci Resolve le optional RAID 5/6 up to 24 TeraBytes optional 10 GbE Dual Channel or SFP+ optional AJA, Blackmagic sau Bluefish444 optional RED Rocket accelerator card
Azi 7.482 LEI
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