SpringTV Live Grade - Color Correction for Film with HDLink

Color Correction and Color Management for Digital Film Cameras with HDLink PRO (bundle) LiveGrade is the powerful solution for the right image on the set. It gives you the full control of the color of live SDI signals from digital film cameras. LiveGrade assists you in every aspect related to look and color management on set and supports the exchange of formats such as ASC-CDL, Alexa Looks, 3D LUTs, ICC profiles, and more. Why using LiveGrade Visualize and adjust colors while shooting: LiveGrade easily provides control of colors to directors and cinematographers in the set environment. LiveGrade is installed between the camera and the monitor and enables the production team to apply a color transform by interacting with a connected HDLink or Pluto device. All color adjustments arranged in LiveGrade are viewed in real-time as a live image whatever is the colorspace of the camera. Experience higher creative flexibility: LiveGrade is designed to remove creative and technical limitations commonly associated with color grading workflows, and allows total freedom to create and manipulate camera images in real-time. LiveGrade unifies the color creation workflow by combining common off-theshelf tools like panel controller, and HDLink devices into an single, highly configurable, multitasking application framework. Greater confidence to responsible persons onset: It is a quick, intuitive and highlyeffective way to create and interactively process image colors and build LUTs quickly and accurately. It is simple to operate with an easy to use interface, allowing the production team access to the software tool with conventional technical capabilities. This certainly gives greater confidence to the responsible persons at the filmset by instantly ensuring that a shot will achieve desired results from the image. Communicate colors with one another and with postproduction: LiveGrade helps communicate the director���s and the cinematographer���s intent for postproduction and dailies requirements. All color correction settings can be stored and recalled as desired and may also be exported as 3D LUTs, ASC-CDL and Alexa looks, for use in common third-party color correction systems. LiveGrade combined with a HDLink or Pluto device let the production team experiment with unlimited looks without the need to render each time. LiveGrade Features Grading modes support of individual camera setups and workflow environments available grading modes: "Alexa looks"and "cdl grade" sophisticated controller selection for manipulating color specific input and output file formats for color settings Grade Library save, recall and manage Grades in groups project-based history table for later re-use of grades Device Manager manage up to four HDLink and two Pluto devices independently HD-SDI settings (legal / extended) choose ICC profiles for DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort Transfer Options Export of 3D LUTs in various formats (all grading modes) LUT export formats support third-party grading tools: Davinci Resolve, SpeedGrade, Filmlight, Autodesk Lustre, Assimilate Scratch, Digital Vision Nucoda, Blackmagic HDLink import/export of Alexa Look Files (Alexa look mode) import/export of CDL files (cdl grade mode) import of LUT file (cdl grade mode) Supported Cameras ARRI Alexa, Log-C: Alexa grading mode, cdl mode with ARRI default LUTs Cameras shoot with Log (SLog, CLog, REDLog, Panalog etc.): cdl grade mode with custom LUT All other cameras rec.709 : cdl grade mode Supported Color Panel Devices Tangent Element Tangent Wave AVID Color Artist  
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