SpringTV Max Ingest HD - Professional

The ideal solution for every kind of video recording needs from compliance to broadcast Max Ingest is a Multi-channel, Multi-format recording system that can be used for Broadcasting, Media Monitoring, Medical Industry, Security applications, and for any other recording needs. With its robustness and flexible structure, Max Ingest offers almost all kind of features that might be needed in a small or large facility. Max Ingest can respond to different kind of recording requirements because of its capability of working with different video cards. It can be used in all kind of recording automation applications by means of remote control, multi-channel recording, and scheduler functions. Multiple Encoders (recorders) can be defined in the application. Each different video card can be related to each encoders and desired recording format can be defined. Each encoder works independently like all of them are a different recorder device themselves. Although each encoder is connected to the same physical source, they can produce different target files by defining recording different profiles within the recorders. Features Simultaneous multi-channel and multi-format live recording and transcoding. 7/24 robust and continuous operation. Popular professional video and audio format support. Both HD and SD capture. Image and Text overlay. Scheduling Batch capture with RS422/RS232 protocol. Storage Management Automatic file naming. Frame accurate file splitting. Metadata entering while capturing. Network Streaming. Video index creation. Multi-Channel Audio support. Multi-view mode. Customizable keyboard shortcuts for each operation Password protection for operations. Advantages Set independent and different recording settings for each record and recording profile. Use more than one hard disks to record. Define empty space requirement for each disk. Transfer your records to another server using transfer option. Transfer these files according to a custom schedule. Automatically delete; the records can be deleted after the defined recording capacity of HDD is reached. Define different naming rules for each recorder and recording profile. Split manually or according to a schedule. Stream the records over a LAN or Internet. Suported Codecs MPEG2, H264, DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD, DV, P2 AVC-Intra, MXF, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD, Quicktime, WMW. Broadcast Audio Video I/O Video In/Out: Serial Digital SD/HD SDI; Analog Conponent YUV, Composite; Audio In/Out: Serial Digital Embeded; Analog Audio Application fields Media Monitoring One powerful feature of Max Ingest is to capture from a satellite source. Media monitoring companies' main source is the broadcasts of the channels. The content of the broadcast is recorded 7/24 and categorized according to customer demands. The ability of multichannel recording of Max Ingest enables to record up to 4 channels of broadcast in a single server. Media monitoring companies can use Max Ingest in order to watch, record and analyze the program content of the broadcasts. Advertisement Checking Advertisement Checking identifies what people want from your brand and whether they get it from your Communications. Brand managers need to track the effectiveness of their marketing investments. In order to analyze the compliance of their advertisements aired they need to monitor the broadcasts of the television channels. Advertisers or broadcasters can record, monitor and analyze the advertisements using Max Ingest's advanced capabilities. Qualitative Research Qualitative research is an effective research method in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement campaigns. The focus groups are communicated in a studio that is equipped with cameras and microphones. These meetings can also be face to face. Their perceptions are recorded and measured in this studio by the qualitative research experts. Max Ingest can be used to record these video and audio sources in different formats. The records can be streamed over the network or Internet. Legal Permanent Recording Television stations have responsibility of their contents and actions to the Government authorities. There are compliancy standards that need to be met. In order to monitor this compliance, the Television stations must capture on air transmissions, search the content and then export it to authorities. Max Ingest's robustness and flexible structure allows the TV Stations to handle this process. Security and Surveillance Max Ingest can be used for security and surveillance recording demands. The multichannel and high quality recording functions of Max Ingest meets the demands of organizations that require high quality records. Max Ingest's functions such as motion detection, file splitting, storage management and 7/24 robust and continuous operation allows the organizations to have healthy and reliable records
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