Stab Interface MS 220

Connected by coaxial cable between motor and receiver, it enables the motor to be driven in all functions by means of the provided remote control: drive East and West, positions memorization, automatic re-calculation, limits configuration, re-alignment, direct recall of 49 memorized positions. Easy to use, the interface is fed by 230 Vca voltage and is provided with a display indicating position and some other functions. ��� Power suppl�� 230 Vac (110 Vac on demand)��� Voltage to LNB 13 / 18 Vdc ��� Frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz)��� Attenuation 3 dB ��� Consumption in stand-by mode 5 W��� Consumption in operating mode 12 W ��� Display 3 numbers��� Connectors Type F ��� Connections Coaxial Communication protocol DiSEqC1.2��� Dimensions 71x59x150 mm Weight 750 g Remote control Yes Battery Type AAA x 2��� Weight without battery 75 g��{sexybookmark}
Azi 370,4 LEI
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