Stab MP 01 Mini Positionierer

Mini-Positioner "Rotor Control MP01 is a test tool that the antenna installers to accurately establish a reliable system is needed with DiSEqC 1.2 motor control. The device is connected between the motor and receiver and allows the installer to find the strongest signal before the first satellite position is stored in Reciver ("Rotor Control" on the cable near the motor and the LNB with an attached field strength meter by step by step direction to go east or west, or to go back to "0" if an error treads). Also unerfhrener end user can use the OSD ("Rotor Control" permanently installed in the vicinity of the receiver) the motor to the "0" position to redirect and delete the default position. Thus, many unnecessary calls to technical support to avoid• DiSEqC 1.2• 4 Satpositionen• Power supply 13/18 Vdc• Consumption in stand-by mode 5 mA• Consumption in operating mode 15 mA• Attenuation • Operating mode transparent• Generated command DiSEqC1.2• Connections Connection F• Dimensions 32x74x30 mm• Weight 120 g• easy to use• perfect alignment in five minutes• nu field analyzer required as an aid• generates commands for the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol, such as: GO-GO EAST / GO WEST / GO TO "0" (South){sexybookmark}
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