Sundtek MediaTV MiniPCIe (DVB-CT, FM, AnalogTV)

�� Sundtek MediaTV MiniPCIe (DVB-CT, FM, AnalogTV) is the worlds first MiniPCIe TV Tuner which is fully supported with Windows and Linux* �� Supported Standards:��� DVB-C��� DVB-T��� FM Radio (stereo)��� Analog TV (stereo, worldwide TV standards)��� Composite��� S-Video (please note Composite and S-Video require an appropriate MiniPCIe PIN routing)��� HDTV ReadyFor HDTV either a fast CPU (>3 GHz) without a graphiccard which can do MPEG decoding, or starting with Intel ATOM bundled with an NVidia Graphiccard is required (eg. NVidia ION Systems are well supported).Supported Architectures:��� ARM��� Intel/AMD x86 (32/64 bit)��� IBM PowerPC (z.B. Sony Playstation 3 - first revision)��� MIPS* as a special offer this device includes full Linux support starting from Linux 2.6.15 for Intel/AMD 32 and 64bit! Driver setup should not take longer than a few seconds across all systems. For questions a public forum is available, and Sundtek provides Support between 10am-3pm {sexybookmark} ��
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