Teac UD-H01 Argintiu

AUDIO, one of Germany's most renowned hifi magazines, tested TEAC's UD-H01 and states him a "very good" price/performance ratio (Issue 05/2012).In March 2012 the Croatian magazine T3 awarded TEAC's UD-H01 with 5 Stars and named it "Best Buy": „Excellent drafting, layout, equipment, connectivity, support for high resolution audio formats, price, and sound in general”.Audiofil.net, most popular specialized web portal in Croatia also reviewedthe unit and was so impressed ("...a ticket into the new digital world...")that it rewarded the DAC with 5 from 5 points. The External Sound Card for all PC´sThe UD-H01 is a dual digital/analog converter containing two BurrBrown® DAC chipsets (Type 1795) and a Tenor® USB Audio Interface.  These components make the UD-H01 equal a stand alone, high performance external sound card.  This means that digital audio data from an external PC will be converted to an analog signal in high resolution HiFi quality using up to 32bit, 192 kHz conversion technology. The resulting analog signal can be sent to either a set of active loudspeakers such as the matching TEAC LS-P01, or to an external amplifier.  The UD-H01 is supplied with both balanced and unbalanced audio output connectors and a headphone connector complete with separate volume control. Two audio inputs (digital RCA and optical) allow connecting additional sources i.e. CD or DVD player.CARACTERISTICIProducator TeacTip DacModel Ud-H01CONEXIUNIIesire Audio Analog Rac / XlrIntrare Audio Digitala Coaxial / OpticGENERALDimensiuni 215 X 61 X 231 MmGreutate 1.5 KgCuloare ArgintiuALTE SPECIFICATIICaracteristici Particulare • Usb Audio Clasa 2 High-Speed Intrare Pc/Mac (Tenor 8802)• 32-Bit/192KHz Dual D/A Convertor (Burrbrown 1795 X 2)• Transformator Toroidal• Cablu Alimentare Detasabil• Iesire Casti Cu Volum Reglabil• Panou Frontal AluminiuLink Site Producator Ud-H01 Link Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFgoamq5xUU&list=PLNdRKFu8tStkjF03mgI3EKXBoVlurm0Hp
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