Technisat SATMAN 45

High-performance offset dishThis aluminium offset dish comes in a SATMAN version, is intended for use by a single party, has a diameter of 45 cm, and provides exceptionally high performance. This elegant and stylish dish provides outstanding reception characteristics, as a result of the high-quality materials used, the precise shape of the antenna, and also because of the use an LNB of first-class quality. The high-quality reception electronics (LNB) is protected from harmful environmental influences by a special weatherproof housing. The weatherproofing of the antenna itself is ensured by the powder coating on both sides of the aluminium dish. All screws and washers are made of high-quality stainless steel. The external installation is thus exceptionally resistant.Unobtrusive mountingThanks to its extremely small dimensions, the SATMAN 45 can even be mounted in locations in which larger dishes would detract from the appearance of a balcony or building. It is also easy to install two SATMAN 45 dishes, in order to receive signals from two satellite positions. This array would still take up less space than the more usual 85 cm diameter dish one would use for two satellites. • High quality outdoor with excellent signal quality• Extremely stable• Permanently weatherproof• Quick to assemble  • Offset mirror  • Size: 45 cm  • Material: High quality aluminum (coated both sides)  • AZ / EL mount• High quality aluminum• Fully assembled• Receiver electronics• UNYSAT LNB• Digitaltauglich• Weatherproof Housing {sexybookmark}
Azi 411,6 LEI
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