Technisat SATMAN 650 Plus

��� The offset dish has a diameter of 65 cm, and is made of top-quality aluminium, powder-coated on both sides. The matching AZ/EL bracket mount is also made of high-grade aluminium. All screws and washers are made of stainless steel. The use of these high-grade materials ensures the external installation will have a particularly long life, and is absolutely weatherproof.Special oblong pre-drilled holes ensure fastening the dish on the completely pre-assembled AZ/EL bracket mount is extremely easy. Just hook the dish into the bracket, and tighten the screws.��� The special TechniSat weatherproof housing protects the reception electronics of the external installation from the influences of weather. This housing is slipped on to the AZ/EL bracket, and fixed in place by means of a screw. Simply remove the lower part of the housing to attach the cable to the LNB.��� The antenna dish is available in various different colours, so that you can select the external installation to blend in with the surroundings in which it will be installed. ��� Outside��� Best Aluminum��� Bowl in different colors��� Robust, fully-assembled AZ / EL mount��� Without LNB ��� Unique weatherproof housing��� Absolutely stainless outdoor��� Basic size: 65 cm��� Material: Aluminum��� Coated on both sides��� F / D: 0.6��� G / T: 14.5 dB / k (LNB 1.0 dB max.)��� Gain: 35.7 dB (at 11.3 GHz)��� Offset angle: 27 degrees {sexybookmark}
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