Teradek LINK & CUBE155 - HD Streaming over Wi-Fi and cellular networks

Teradek LINK - HD Streaming over Wi-Fi and multiple cellular networks - Maximum Maneuverability (Includes Cube-155 and MPEG-TS option) Link takes a different approach to video transmission. Instead of carrying cellular modems on your rig, Link is designed to operate similarly to a mobile hotspot. Simply place Link at a location with optimal signal strength, connect your Cube or Brik to Link���s dual-band MIMO WiFi network, and go live at up to 90 meters away over up to 6 bonded network connections. Directly to the Web or Back to the Station The Teradek Link can transmit to just about any platform, including various MPEG-TS decoders or a CDN of your choice. Link is also compatible with ZiXi licensed Brik and Cube encoders, giving broadcast professionals an extremely robust video feed during challenging network conditions. Portable and Long Lasting Link���s small size and low power consumption allows for easy placement and long run times when paired with a V-Mount plate and battery. If you need to swap power sources mid-broadcast, Link���s rechargeable Li-Ion battery lets you exchange external batteries without interrupting your live video feed. Multi-Device Support Not only does Link accept video feeds from Teradek encoders, it also supports connections from other 802.11 enabled devices** for Internet access. This feature enables broadcasters to quickly publish edited multi-camera content via Link���s FTP capabilities over unbonded cellular bandwidth. Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming Link features Teradek's novel Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming (ABRS) technology, which dynamically adjusts the video bit rate and buffer of your stream in real time to adapt to varying network conditions. ABRS ensures that your content is delivered reliably and at the highest quality possible. Adaptive Frame Rate Streaming Link's Adaptive Frame Rate Streaming feature was designed to ensure that your live video reaches its destination at any cost. If cellular service at your location suddenly drops to levels that are too slow to transmit an HD quality video, the AFRS feature will begin to drop the frame rate until your content reaches its destination in tact. This feature is ideal for breaking news coverage where successful video transmission is imperative at any cost. Sputnik Server Sputnik is Teradek���s software interface between Link and your streaming destination. Sputnik is designed to run on a Linux computer either in the cloud (using Amazon���s EC2 services) or on a local server with a single, publicly addressable TCP port. Sputnik recombines the various video feeds from Link into a cohesive stream that can then be sent to an H.264 decoder or played back online.
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