Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6900 (II)

XA6900 (2011 version) este versiunea imbunatatita a lui Xindak XA6900, unde preamplificatorul foloseste tuburi 6922 si la etajul de iesire tranzistori 2SA1943/2SC5200Caracteristici:2 tuburi x 6922 pentru etajul de preamplificareCircuit simetric pentru intrare balansata realaTransformator ToroidalPotentiometru de volum ALPS 4 perechi de tranzistori A1943 / C52004 intrari RCA + 1 intrare XLRIesire de semnal pentru SubwooferTelecomanda
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  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6800R (II)

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6800R (II)

    The Xindak XA6800R (II) adopts a new look and internals. It is a pure class A integrated amplifier designed with high standards in mind for our customers to enjoy their preferred music.Derived from the XA6800R, internals are made of carefully selected components with both objectives to improve sound performance and reliability. Operating as a pure class A amplifier, good heat dissipation is ensured through the design of copper heat conduction bridges on both sides of the amplifier. Not only does this provide a stable and reasonable operating temperature, but it enhances the power output. A symmetric design completes the picture around an R type power supply of excellent properties. These are few examples of details attached to the building and circuit design of this new integrated amplifier.Two meters across the front panel not only inform about the operation of the amplifier, but with a blue backlight also improves the aesthetic. The black housing, derived from our acclaimed High-End PA Power Amplifier, adds to the striking look.To complete the picture, the versatility of the new XA6800R(II) reaches new territories with the addition of a USB entry (on top of 4 analog inputs) to connect your computer and enjoy your digital music library. Thus equipped, the new XA6800R(II) is ready to become the heart of a simple to implement solution with astonishing performances that only class A amplifiers can bring to music lovers. mai multe detalii aici
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  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6950

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6950

    This unit adopts dual differential complementary symmetrical pushpull amplifying. FET (field effect transistor) is put to good use for the track amplifier while the following stage adopts symmetric current negative feedback circuit with wide frequency response range and low distortion.For each channel, there are two stages for impulse, with four pairs of well-selected high-quality HI-FI high-power geminate transistors as field effect tube output with wide dynamic range and strong controlling ability in low frequency.The two high-power annual transformer supply power for the left and right channels, as well as preceding and following stages independently with the following stage equipped with fast rectifying bridge and low impedance servo power supply for the preceding stage.The volume control adopts the blue large-size ALPS motor potentiometer and operated by the unique method of analog potentiometer by indirectly digital control of our company which ensures the shortest delivering path and lower signal distortion. With VFD displaying screen, the whole screen looks superb and generous, as well as being equipped with a full functional remote control board.The complete unit is controlled by microcomputer with varied protecting functions to provide safety and convenient use. mai multe detalii aici
    6.490 ,00 LEI
  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6200 (08 Version)

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6200 (08 Version)

    XA6200 (08) is hybrid integrated amplifier with tube pre-stage and transistor back-stage to endow it with advantages of both tube amplifier and transistor amplifier. So the performance of this amplifier is not only satisfactory music feeling but also ideal acoustics.The pre-amplifier stage adopts famous ECC88 (6922) which is good at linearity, low distortion, high solution and transparent timbre. Power transistors are two pair of A1943/C5200 in parallel connection to insure enough capacity of current output.The back-stage power supply consists of a piece of high-power toroidal transformer, two pieces of 50A/1000V Bridge Rectifier and four pieces of high quality 10000uF/63V filter electrolytic capacitor and the left and right channel are completely separated. The power supply for the tubes filament and control are supplied from different windings from transformer. mai multe detalii aici
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  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6800 (08 Version)

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat XA-6800 (08 Version)

    XA6800(08) is a stereo integrated amplifier, upgrade from XA6800, add some new functions.It takes 3 pcs integrated operational amplifier as pre-amplification, with features of good linearity, small distortion, high resolution.The power amplify circuit has the features of low non-linear distortion and transient intermodulation distortion, wide frequency response.It takes fine-performance field-effect tube for voltage amplify stageoutput transistors are two pairs MJE15024/MJE15025.Power supply: consist of a toroidal transformer with high-power and good-quality,two gold-seal rectifier bridge and 40000uF filtering electrolytic capacitor.And the power for left and right channel are completely independent. Input : 3*RCA; 1*XLR; Output: 2* Speaker. With RC, and full protection.Its timbre same as old XA6800, better equilibrium sense, transparent; The whole audio band bright and natural. mai multe detalii aici
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  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat PA-M(II)

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat PA-M(II)

    The main circuit of PA-M(II) Stereo Intergrated Amplifier is same with PA-M. Its pure Class A output power is 20W per channel. It upgrade from PA-M and add a pre-stage amplify circuit. Adopts SANKEN 2SA1695/2SC4468 audion, uses dual toroidal transformer for power-supply. Also it can as a external USB-DAC if connect to PC by USB. Supporting Sampling frequency:32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz mai multe detalii aici
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  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat A08

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat A08

    A08 este un integrat dual-mono ce adopta transformatoare de 300W si ICE power 250A, ce este o tehnologie speciala pentru amplificatoarele in clasa D pe nume PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation).PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) este o tehnologie ce elimina aproape complet distorsiunile din calea semnalului, nu incalzeste echipamentul insa ofera un transfer de curent foarte bun. A08 are intrari balansate cat si nebalansate, intrari digitale. Etajul de preamplificare, dar si cel de amplificare foloseste transformator toroidal diferit pentru un sunet clar, lichid, coerent si dinamic.Sunetul acestui model este unul bogat in armonici, redare a vociilor exact, neutru, echilibrat si transparent. Integrarea modulelor OPPOMA ajuta foarte mult la separatia canalelor, ducand astfel la o scena stereo remarcabila, bine conturata, controlata si dinamica. mai multe detalii aici
    7.190 ,00 LEI
  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat V20

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat V20

    The Xindak V20 Integrated Tube Amplifier is based on a classic circuit design enhanced by the use of specially designed EI output transformers to achieve the ultimate performance from the EL34 valves. The V20 also utilizes a triode connection to lower distortion and achieve a wider frequency response than available from a normal connection. These advances yield considerable improvements in fine detail and soundstage.The volume control is an ALPS motor drive potentiometer which produces lower noise and improved channel symmetry. The remote control provides more convenience for users by managing both volume and input signal channel switching. Inside, the V20 minimizes the signal path by using a relay system to switch the input signal, producing an observable improvement in the SNR. Power supply has an overspecification 450W EI transformer. In addition, the power supplies to the preamplifier and power amplifier stages are completely separate, in order to improve channel separation and the SNR.Because of the dynatron connection, the V20 has a superbly balanced sound, with exquisite detail in the high frequencies, warm but accurate midrange and powerful lower frequencies. In addition, the EL 34 enhances the sound with the transparency that is characteristic of this tube. mai multe detalii aici
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  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat V30

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat V30

    Xindak V30 este un amplificator integrat pe tuburi ce a implementat in etajul de preamplificare, 2 tuburi 12AX7(ECC83), 2 tuburi 6N8P(6SN7). In zona de amplificare V30 a integrat 4 tuburi KT88(6550)V30 are 2 transformatoare de alimentare si telecomanda. mai multe detalii aici
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  • Xindak Amplificator Integrat MS-9

    Xindak Amplificator Integrat MS-9

    MS-8 este un amplificator integrat pe tuburi ce utilizeaza tuburi EL34 pe zona de amplificare si 12AX7 pentru etajul de preamplificare. Utilizeaza potentiometru de volum ALPS pentru fiabilitate si acuratete Transformatorul de alimentare este EI pentru eliminarea campului magnetic si fiabilitate marita. MS-8 are circuite separate pentru fiecare canal in parte.Socketurile pentru tuburi sunt Teflon CMC placate cu aur pentru un sunet clar, transparent, delicat, cald si dulce totodata.MS-8 poate conduce boxe de raft cat si de podea in suprafete de 15-30mp. mai multe detalii aici
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  • Xindak Amplificator de Putere XA-8550(S)

    Xindak Amplificator de Putere XA-8550(S)

    XA8550 power amplifier is designed especially for matching with XA3200MKII pre-amplifier. It is with high fidelity for reproduction the music signal. The appearance is both simple and elegant. The inner circuit design derives from reputable current negative feedback circuit of XA6950 and adopts Darlington structure on the current amplifier stage. The output power dynatrons are three pairs SANKEN 2SC3264/2SA1295 whose peak current can reach 51A, to insure the driving power. The filter capacitor for main power supply is 82000uF/63V electrolytic capacitors, and the power supply is two 300W high power toroidal transformers. The tone is balanced and neutral, with good speed sense and analysis ability. mai multe detalii aici
    5.990 ,00 LEI